About us

Nolynna Lux… I created this name from the letters of my first dogs’ name. I was looking for a name that was attractive and would be accepted by FCI. Officially, the kennel is under my name, but I run it together with my boyfriend Alex.

My name is Márta Barbara Farkas and I was born in 1984 in Budapest. I graduated from Corvinus University, Budapest in 2010, two years later I completed a dog groomer course and then a Ring assisstance course of the Hungarian Kennel Club.

I was not born into a family who loved dogs. I believe my family still does not get it why I became addicted to dogs. Luckily (for me) they became infected too. 🙂

I was about 5-6 years old when I started to nag my mother for a Collie. My Mum bought all of the books and journals that she could lay her hands on hoping that these would make me happy and I would stop longing for a dog. It was a mistake. My Mum read all the books too and she decided; “Let’s have a dog”. I got my first dog Molly, her official name was Good-Lucky Pink Cynthia Molly, a dark sable female, and came from an external mating of Silver Dream Kennel. She lived with us almost 14 years; I owe a lot to her. Everything started with her…

A few months later, after her death, we decided that we wanted a new dog. My family tried to persuade me to choose a different breed, because Molly’s death was too painful. I was adamant as I couldn’t imagine anything else but a Collie, so our new family member was a tricolour male, Lucky-Luke Star Black Indian Indra ’Byron’. His breeder is Timea Kakas who became my good friend.

In the end of 2011, I saw a photo about a beautiful tricolour female puppy, I have been looking at her mother’s line for a while, so she came to us the day before New Year’s Eve from the Kennel of the Holy Mountain in Slovenia. We are still in contact with her breeder.

We didn’t want any more dogs, especially not a male, but the plan has changed. Unfortunately, a Spanish breeder went bankrupt. From this kennel, the 3 years old Trasdepastores Blue Duero ’Hirto’, our first blue-merle Collie arrived to us. (His co-owner is Timea Kakas.)

Besides our three dogs we have a sterilized female cat. We adopted Mia in 2005, when she was a kitten.


Nowadays, the features of Collies are slightly different then that of those I first fell in love with.

Our goal is to breed good sized, well-built, balanced dogs with lively personalities who perform well both in sports and at shows. We don’t plan on many litters. We will decide to mate our dogs, only if we feel that the offspring is an unmissable opportunity.

All of our all dogs are treated as family members. We live in Budapest in a semi-detached house, our dogs are not kept in kennels and they can roam freely in the garden and in the house. As part of our daily lives we take the dogs walking, hiking, to activities and herding.

We hope the puppies that will be born in our kennel will be treated as family members in their new homes, like ours.

Farkas Márta Barbara